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Atunus, a furniture brand dedicated to light luxury and minimalist design, is committed to providing modern families with elegant and practical furniture solutions. Our products span living and dining room categories, featuring modular designs that can be freely combined to meet personalized space requirements. Atunus uses top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, with each piece reflecting a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, aimed at creating a stylish yet comfortable living environment for our customers. Our design philosophy is “simplicity but not simple,” with each piece of Atunus furniture being a refined interpretation of modern living.

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Atunus factory up to 30,000+ m² leverages cutting-edge production equipment and advanced technology to efficiently manufacture a diverse range of high-quality furniture products in large quantities.

US Warehouses&Showroom

Atunus maintains strategically located warehouses and showroom across the USA, including in CA, TX, and NJ, stocked with a wide array of over 1000 SKUs. This strategic setup allows us to expedite order fulfillment and ensure prompt delivery in the US.


Discover the art of furniture customization with Atunus designers. Transform your space with bespoke designs tailored to your style and preferences. From unique finishes to personalized dimensions, create pieces that reflect your distinct taste and elevate your living environment.

Quality Guaranteed & Affordable

Atunus maintains a rigorous quality control system to guarantee that each piece of furniture meets exacting standards. Despite our dedication to quality, we remain committed to competitive pricing, ensuring our finely crafted furniture is a budget-friendly choice without compromise.


Every Detail Tells the Workmanship

From meticulously handcrafted pieces to precision-engineered designs, each product tells a story of Atunus's skill and passion.


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Excellent Customer Service

"The Atunus team went above and beyond to help me find the perfect piece for my space. Their exceptional customer service made all the difference." - Sarah C.

High-Quality Products

"I have never been disappointed with a Atunus purchase. Their furniture is solidly built and beautiful. I love everything I've gotten from them!" - John D.

Great Experience All Around

"I had a wonderful experience purchasing from Atunus. From the sales process to the delivery, everything was seamless. I highly recommend them!" - Karen L.

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